Welcome to the Destiny Group Academy, below you will see a series of video tutorials and relevant downloads which follow the ‘First Steps to Manager’ booklet. Most of the information is delivered by Leaders from within the Destiny Group, alongside Forever UK head office staff, who have a wealth of knowledge in building a successful Forever business, many with 10+ years experience. We hope you find the information useful and helpful in your own Forever journey and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Paul & Claire Barradell

1. Goal Setting

Short tutorial on how to effectively set meaningful goals.

FSTM page number: 4 & 5

2. 4 Case Credits

4CC’s and why it is important.

FSTM page number: 6

3. Understanding the Marketing Plan

Understanding the massive potential of the Forever Marketing Plan.

FSTM page number: 8, 9, 10 & 11

4. Personal Use, Retail & Customer Care

Developing a stable customer base.

FSTM page number: 12 & 13

5. Building a Team

How to effectively grow your business using the Forever cycle.

FSTM page number: 14

6. Who Do I Know List (WDIKL)

How to develop and grow your WDIKL

FSTM page number: 16, 17, 18 & 19

7. Profiling Your Prospects

Learn how to understand the process of profiling your prospects.

FSTM page number: 20 & 21

8. Making Contact

Learn the words to use when inviting your prospects

FSTM page number: 22, 23, 24 & 25

9. One to One

How to do an effective One to One

FSTM page number: 14

10. Business Presentation

Why you should attend your local Business Presentation

FSTM page number: 14

11. Handling Objections

How to answer questions/objections you may be asked.

FSTM page number: 24 & 25

12. Getting Organised

Understand why it is important to be organised on a daily and weekly basis.

FSTM page number: 28 & 29

13. Staying Connected

The importance of attending training and events.

FSTM page number: N/A

14. Self Development

Always be on a journey of self development

FSTM page number: N/A

15. Managing your time

How to make the most from your time available.

FSTM page number: N/A

16. Case Credits

Understanding your Case Credit volume often called ‘Volume mapping’.

FSTM page number: N/A