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What Are the Benefits of Being a Work-at-Home Mom?

By 17th December 2016 No Comments

Are you planning to become a work-at-home mom or WAHM? If you are, you’re not alone. The number of women who leave the traditional work setting to have a home-based job or business is rising steadily every year, which means a lot of mothers are now seeing the benefits of working at home.

But what exactly are these benefits? If you’re still on the fence about being a WAHM, here are some of the perks you’ll enjoy when you take the plunge:

Having control over your time

One of the biggest benefits of working at home is that you can arrange your schedule however you want to. Sure, you’ll still have to coordinate with your clients and ensure you’re online whenever they want to talk through chat or video calls. But, most of the time, you have a say as to when you’ll work and when you’ll take some time off.

Enjoying creative freedom

If you become a home-based entrepreneur, one of the perks you’ll get is being able to bring your own ideas to life. This isn’t usually the case when you work in a traditional setting since you’ll have to accommodate what your boss wants you to do. But, when you have your own business, you have the freedom to experiment and come up with unique products and services. Sure, it will have some risks but, if you take the right steps and learn more about your niche and your target market, you can be successful.

Reducing your expenses

If you used to walk to your office, working at home won’t make a lot of difference. But, if you used to drive or ride a bus to work, you’ll definitely save a substantial amount of money when you become a WAHM since you no longer have to buy fuel or pay bus fare. You’ll also save a lot on your wardrobe since you won’t need to buy business outfits often. Sure, you’ll still need to dress up when you meet with clients, but the fact that you can dress casually most days can make a huge difference.

Being there for your kids

This is perhaps one of the best things about being a work-at-home mom: the fact that you can spend most of your time with your children. You won’t necessarily spend every minute of your day with them (after all, you do have to work), and you’ll probably feel frustrated when your toddler gets a tantrum because you’re running after a deadline and can’t play with him. But you’ll at least have more time for them than when you had a traditional nine-to-five job, and you have the chance to watch them grow.

These are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you become a work-at-home  mom. If you’re ready to take the leap of faith and be a WAHM, get in touch with me, Claire Barradell. I’ve been a work-at-home mom for several years now and can give you tips on how to navigate through the challenges you’ll face. Of course, as a business coach, I can help you get your venture off the ground, turn it into a lucrative business, and ultimately attain long-term success.